Interview: Flora Carr, student founder of Colour Me Political

The interview I gave to Loudhailr.
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Remember that Peter Brookes cartoon of Ed Miliband as Wallace and Gromit? Or the terrifying image of Nicola Sturgeon entering parliament on an SNP-Cyrus Wrecking Ball?

Cartoonist: Peter Brookes Cartoonist: Peter Brookes

Well 20-year-old student Flora Carr does. In fact, the ubiquity of visual imagery during this year’s General Election has now formed the backbone of her new blog, Picturepolitics – which aims to dissect the interactions between politics and art, and her subsequent exhibition, Colour Me Political.

Flora, who is in her second year of her English Literature degree at the University of Exeter, admitted that although “the media use of art and cartoons didn’t effect me particularly, it is crucial to examine the way in which symbols and visuals are used to play on certain impressions readers may have or encourage them to draw particular conclusions.”

As featured in The Sun newspaper As featured in The Sun newspaper

And when the pollsters’ predictions were proven wrong by David Cameron…

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