September 2015: Vogue Talent Winner

Delighted to announce that I’m Vogue Talent Winner 2015!

You’ll find that one of my winning entries has been published in this month’s (October) issue of Vogue. 

I’ll be completing a month internship at Vogue offices later this year and next as part of my prize, which I’m already excited about.

FullSizeRender 8

3 thoughts on “September 2015: Vogue Talent Winner

  1. Hi Flora,
    This year I’d really love to participate in Vogue Talent Contest but I have some doubts…
    Since you’re a past winner could you give me some tips?
    I don’t have anything like your adventure in Trinidad to write about. I’m just a normal girl, currently an exchange student in Germany.
    I love fashion and that’s what I like writing about, even though I’m passionate about books, travelling and languages as well but I feel like writing only about fashion wouldn’t be a great idea… Am I wrong? Your article was amazing and really interesting and I’m not sure if I could create something so interesting by writing about fashion.
    I have been thinking about writing something about Franca Sozzani, the way she changed the fashion world and brought Italian fashion to the rise since I’m Italian but I wouldn’t want to write something similar to what has already been written.
    Hope you have time to give me a few tips…


    1. The beautiful personification of the country is spectacular. The ending just blew my breath away as well the poetic narration is so vivid, that a reader is merged with the depths of author’s thoughts


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