16th February 2015: ‘A black and white issue’

This feature was inspired by a black and photograph from the 1950s portraying sexual harassment on the streets of Italy. It features student interviews and references to Dapper Laughs, the ‘Slap her’ viral video, and the response to a past blog of mine for the Guardian on drinks spiking. 

Here’s the link to the online version (which appeared later).

To see the original version, see page 12 of Exeposé Issue 635

June 3rd 2014: ‘The Conchie Courage’

This feature for Exeposé was an examination of the role of the conscientious objector during WWI, as well as a look at how modern society views that role today.

After interviewing people on the streets of Exeter, I revealed some alarming statistics.

The piece was published on page 9 of Issue 625 June 3rd, which you can view here.

To view the online version, which was published later, click here.

March 4th 2014- ‘Christian Union: Sons of God?’

I was very proud of this feature- not only did it take a huge amount of research, interviewing and general sleuthing, but it came 2nd in the category of ‘Best Feature’ at the XMedia Awards (Exeter’s internal journalism awards, judged by industry experts, which incorporate the student TV, radio and paper. As a radio feature came first, mine was the best newspaper feature of the academic year overall).

The article examines the underlying sexism in university Christian Union societies, as only a tiny percentage of Christian Union presidents are female. In the piece I interview students, research hard-to-come-by statistics and examine other faith-based societies at Exeter in order to get a more rounded perspective.

The feature was published in Exeposé Issue 621 Week 20, on pages 12-13, and can be found here.

To view the online version click here.