Guardian Student: ‘My secret life as a student Nightline volunteer’

My latest blog for the Guardian Student, ‘My secret life as a student Nightline volunteer’, does exactly what it says on the tin, detailing my work for The University of Exeter’s student nightlines, Voice.

Last counted, the article has been shared 1,233 times.

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21st May 2015: ‘Colour Me Political’ piece for The Guardian Student

In another blog post for The Guardian Student Bloggers, I wrote about my experience of organising ‘Colour Me Political’, a one-day student art project offering Exeter university students a creative medium to express their thoughts on the new government.

23rd August 2014: Response to my Guardian Student Blog

This article has been been posted on The Guardian, citing my blog: ‘When a student victim of drink spiking shared her story, published by the Guardian this week, it received an unprecedented reaction from other students wishing to share similar experiences.’

I’m so happy that my blog post is receiving this kind of attention, as it’s prompted other writers to point out the serious issue of drinks spiking going unchecked in society.